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Exploring Refundable NFTs & Account Abstraction w/ Elie Steinbock, Founder of ShareMint  

Episode Summary

Elie Steinbock is the founder of ShareMint and the creator of ERC721R, the refundable NFT standard. This allows consumers to purchase NFTs and receive a refund if they are not satisfied with their purchase and could be game-changer in the Web3 space, as it provides a layer of consumer protection that was previously lacking. Recorded on March 29, 2023 for Crypto Packaged Goods Genius Call series.

Episode Notes

In this Genius Call, host Mikey Piro speaks to Elie Steinbock of ShareMint about his background in crypto and his latest project ERC721R, a refundable NFT mint. They also discuss the latest  ERC4337 and its account abstraction and management for Web3. Steinbock talks about his early involvement in the crypto space, including launching an NFT project called Crypto Fighters in 2018 and his experience running a development agency that worked with companies like Mercedes, Bloomberg, and Traxx. Overall, the episode provides insights into the world of crypto and NFTs from an experienced developer's perspective.

"The enhancement of Web3 is really where the new and exciting engagement comes from." - Elie Steinbock

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